Smart preventive Health plan

We are the first health performance & longevity company. We provide science-backed personalized insights driven by data

Data-driven health & wellness coaching.

We're all different. You hold the data to maximize your health performance. Translate your biometric data into personalized habit experiments.

Designed for high perfomers to unlock their health potential.

1. Daily check-in

Connect your devices to the app or answer a 30 seconds daily questionnaire to track sleep, energy, food, stress…

2. Personnalized content

Based on how you feel, receive personalized content and advices to target areas to improve your wellness and health.

3. Individualized coaching

Check-in with your coach every 2 weeks to turn successful experiments into long-term habits.

A health performance lifestyle.

Experiment with your team to cruise towards your health & wellness goals, increase energy levels, and sharpen mental clarity.

Balanced Eating

Exercice Energy


Healthy Stress

Restful Sleep